Past Life Readings Available by E-mail Or In Person


All Email Readings must be pre-paid before Receiving your results


An individual Question with  2- parts or more is considered more than 1 question
each additional part of a question will be calculated as an additional Question



Email Readings Are not Interactive


Additional Questions

Once You have Received your completed Email Reading

If you have any additional Questions/or Require further consulting or Info
Regarding your Initial Email Reading

You will be Required to pay for the Additional time/Questions if any

No Exceptions please respect these guidelines


No Refunds Policy Applies to Prepaid Email & In Person Readings  

Once your payment is received a scheduled time is set for your Reading and cannot
be refunded . No Exceptions

All Rescheduled appointments/readings are subject to additional charges


Rescheduling a New Reading / Appointment In Person or by Email

if you would like to schedule a New Reading / Appointment by email or In Person

you will be required to Pre Pay for your  Rescheduled new appointment /Reading  

absolutely No Exceptions thank you

Email Readings

Begin with Karen going into A Very Deep Meditative Trance for a Minimum 30 - minutes

~ Connecting with Higher Consciousness and the Divine Mind

Secondly Clearing away all Interfering Energies  while connecting with her Guides and Angels

Karen will then start asking for the most important
messages /Information that pertains to your questions every thing there is to communicate to you
"  what you need to Know  "

W hen all of the Questions are answered
the next step is to now Translate it into Easy Reading for you

as Karen will see hear and feel the situation in symbols , Images ,sounds ,
feelings ,voices and  short movies &Metaphors

Your Answers are then typed up and  emailed to You
A Minimum of 90 minutes is required for this Process

Please See rates and Instructions below

Rates Policies Payment  Procedures

Please Read The Following Information and Instructions Carefully

Life Is A Journey to Be Explored

Second Sight Psychic Studio and Wellness Centre
778 316 7544

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Readings In Person

Follow the Easy Step by Step Instructions for

Your Email Reading

1)   Please start by Sending a Recent Picture of yourself or of the Person
that I am reading without any one else in the Picture ~ along with Your Question/s by email to

* *

2)  Once Karen has received your Questions
the appropriate amount of your reading will be determined

3 )  After the amount is determined  all info and Instructions
will then be sent to you by Email on how to Proceed
with Payment via Secure Pay pal
along with an estimated time of completion.

( note *
Most of the time email readings Appointments can be completed
within  48 hrs of initial contact during regular Business hrs Tues - Sat 11am - 7pm
Reading Includes up to 3 - questions

Cost  $ 220.00 plus $11.00 - gst  
Total $231.00

Reading Includes up to 6 - questions

Cost $ 290.00 plus $14.50 - gst
Total $304.50

Reading  includes up to 8 - questions

Cost  $360.00 plus  $18.00 - gst
Total $378.00

Prices are subject to change without Notice

Email  Reading  * Rates only

Dedicated To Every Individuals Journey
Of Self Discovery and Healing  

For Over 29 years Karen Has Helped Many People On The Path Of
Personal Empowerment Spiritual Awareness And Healing
Synthesizing Her many Years Experience As a  

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Meta Physical Practitioner

Spiritual Awareness Teacher
Personal Enlightenment Coach
Vibrational Energy Healer

Personal Empowerment Coach
Solution Focused Counselor
Karen Radu

Second Sight Psychic Studio And Wellness Centre

By Appointment Only
11am - 7pm Tues -Sat
Contact Us  Coquitlam B.C
@ 778 316-7544


Clairvoyant Psychic Readings By Email
For Email Readings / Consultations

Please Carefully Read Our Terms and Conditions
for all Prepaid  In Person
Please Note COVID - Protocol * Changes To Services at this Time*   * All Services Available Online & Voice Chat Only Until  Further Notice *

In Person Readings Only
Price is per Person

30 - minute Reading Total Cost $73.50
( $70.00 +  $3.50 gst )

45 - minute Reading Total Cost  $110.25
( $105.00 + $5.25 gst )

60 - minute Reading Total Cost $147.00
( $140.00 + 7.00 gst )

90 - minute Reading Total Cost $220.50
( $210.00 + $10.50 )

2 - hour Reading Total Cost $294.00
( $ 280.00 + $14.00 )
 Long Distance Readings       
Online via Voice Chat
Via Messenger - Facebook

All Readings Sessions Must Be Prepaid At Time Of

Request a Reading by Phone or email

30 - minute Reading Total Cost $73.50
( $70.00 +  $3.50 gst )

45 - minute Reading Total Cost  $110.25
( $105.00 + $5.25 gst )

60 - minute Reading Total Cost $147.00
( $140.00 + 7.00 gst )

90 - minute Reading Total Cost $220.50
( $210.00 + $10.50 )

2 - hour Reading Total Cost $294.00
( $ 280.00 + $14.00 )

Email Readings

See Below for All Details and
Special Prices
Easy To Follow Instructions