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Deep tissue Release

Emotional Physical

Pain Release


Spiritually Awakening

** Extended Personalized Healing Programs
For Serious Conditions / illness Disease & Dysfunction**

Mind Body Spirit

16 - consecutive weeks includes
2 - 2hr sessions per week

$ 6080.00 plus tx
( 64 hrs in total of session time )

8 - 90 min Sessions
$1449.00 includes gst

Every Cell In Our
Have The Ability To
Heal Themselves

All Energetic Healing Techniques /Designed/ Synthesized By Karen Radu

8 - 2 hr Sessions
$1932.00 includes gst

Second Sight Psychic Studio & Wellness Centre

Life Is A Journey to Be Explored


Healing Relaxing Balancing Rejuvenating

In the East Energy Healing has been
Acknowledged and Used for Thousands Of Years

'Chi' and 'Prana' are two of the better known names for these Energies.

The Simplest way to describe it is as the " Universal Life Force "
Or Spiritual Energy Force

A Brief Description Of Energy Healing

How it Works

The Universal Life Force Is Consciously directed Into the Body

through Palm Placement , Hand Movements and Inner Consciousness By the Practitioner

( with Palm of Hands
Placed Slightly above and/or a light contact
on the surface of the Body  .

With Specific Focuses Within and around
the Major & Minor Energy centers of the body

also referred to as Chakras and the Bodies Energy Field the Aura

Superior Benefits of Energy healing

Healing and Balancing of Mind Body & Spirit

Emotionally, Physically

Traumatic Pain Release
Re-charging The Immune System
Spiritually Awakening

Speeds up The Natural Healing Process
of the body and
Improves Recovery Time Profoundly.

It can be used to
Combat Serious Illness and the effects of treatments such as
Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
Holistic Alternative Therapies that have Worked for over 4000 years
Vibrational Energy Medicine All natural No Machines

Energy Healing Sessions

This Gentle Yet Potent !  *  Natural  Healing  Modality * Is Not Massage

It does Not require any Manipulation of the muscles or Tissues !!

* Healing's are always Done with Client fully clothed

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Second Sight Psychic Studio & Wellness Centre

Business hrs 10 am - 7pm  
Tuesday - Saturday
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Coquitlam B.C @ 778 316-7544
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Programs Packages and Individual Sessions

Available In Person          Or By Long Distance
Long Distance Healing Sessions

Available In Person
Long Distance

1- hr Healing session - $147.00  includes gst

90- minutes Healing Session - $220.50 includes gst

2- hr Healing session - $294.00 includes gst

Please Read Carefully *
Our Terms and Conditions for all Classes
Programs Packages and Individual Sessions

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In Person Healing Sessions

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